Our Expertise

Control Systems

Interlinx utilizes industrial best practices during the course of a project's lifecycle. The technical and commercial requirements of a project are continually monitored and reviewed to ensure success.

Software Development

Interlinx Automation provides software solutions for the manufacturing and process industries. We specialize in plant performance management and monitoring, including SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition), Database Design, User Interfaces, and System Communications.

Plant Service & Support

Experienced service and support assistance can be hard to find. Interlinx Automation has the organisation and experience to do it right.


Interlinx Automation is nearby and readily available with the engineering service and support you need on an ongoing basis. We pride ourselves in our timely responsiveness, ensuring the continuing smooth operation, maintenance and repair of any of our systems.

Panel & Electromechanical Assemblies

We have the staff and facilities necessary to work seamlessly with you in providing the assemblies you need. Proper management of a project is critical to its success. We use required best practices procedures in completing your project.


Interlinx is an INDEPENDENT integrator! We will recommend the best products for a particular application, while honouring the client’s equipment preferences.

The Organisation

  • Objectives

    A family-friendly working environment unites all our team members at Interlinx Automation. We want to create value – for our customers and consumers, for our teams and our people, for our stakeholders as well as for the wider society and communities in which we operate.

    Our corporate culture and our purpose, vision and mission as well as values unite our workforce and provide a clear framework and guide to be efficient and effective in what we do the best. The behaviour and actions of our employees in all our business areas are bonded by our core values.

  • Vision

    To be the preferred system integrator in process control and automation industry

  • Mission

    To translate the promise of technology into performance.

  • Our Core Values

    Honesty – We are independent and will provide the best solutions available.

    Integrity – We believe in getting the job done to the best possible specifications.

    Efficiency – We get things done on time and on budget.

    Creativity – We have the expertise to provide creative solutions.

    Flexibility – We adapt to our clients’ needs.

    Responsiveness – We respond to clients emergencies immediately

  • ISO Certification

    We are compliance to ISO 9001 : 2015

Founded in 2006, Interlinx Automation Sdn Bhd offers total solutions for plant automation needs to improve productivity, quality, reliability and life-cycle management with the aim of reducing operating costs.

Interlinx is an INDEPENDENT integrator! We will recommend the best products for a particular application, while honouring the client’s equipment preferences.

Interlinx Automation, can take responsibility and ensure performance for your complete automation project - from consulting, development of functional specifications, designing, building, and systems testing through installation, start-up and commissioning.

Interlinx Automation can train your personnel to operate and maintain the complete system and can offer a variety of ongoing support programmes.
We have extensive experience in a broad range of automation projects - experience we can put to work for you!
By definition, we are “independent,” with the freedom to suggest the “best-fit” alternatives for your particular needs.
Interlinx Automation have had experience and hands-on involvement with a spectrum of hardware and software products from all major suppliers. Our expertise and know-how allow us to respond quickly with solutions to your manufacturing problems, with emphasis on minimizing production downtime.
We have demonstrated an ability to provide lower-cost solutions than most in-house engineering resources, A & E firms, or OEMs.
Interlinx Automation has the ongoing experience, accomplishments, and automation achievements that are usually broader and more current than that of a company's on-staff engineers./td>
Interlinx Automation cost less than an in-house engineering staff when the expenses of office space, labor, and support equipment are taken into account, and issues such as the learning curve and technology evaluation are considered.
Automation systems are Interlinx Automation’s forte. Our calling card is our responsiveness. That’s what we do and who we are!

Profile of Founders

Mr. Lim Hooi Keong.

Managing Director (CEO)

“Our people are highly trained and highly motivated to meet the demands of all our clients in a timely fashion. Our responsiveness is our calling card.”

The main founder of Interlinx, he has extensive experience in Electronic Engineering and academic qualifications from TAR College. He is a the core motivator and created pro-employee values to ensure productivity remains at its highest and customers are satisfied with the efficiency and effectiveness of Interlinx.

Mr. Teoh Yeoh Soon 

General Manager

Possess B. Eng(Hons) in Electronic & Electrical engineering from the University of Lincolnshire & Hamberside. Teoh was one of the founders of Interlinx Automation. To create a business with family-friendly policies was his main goal to drive the company forward.

Mr. Chan Yee Seng

Operations Manager

Graduated from Campbell University, North Carolina in 2005 & joined Interlinx as Hardware Engineer in 2006. Promoted as Project Manager in 2008 and in 2014 he became the Operations Manager. The quick climb up the career ladder was due his persistence in handling risks and managing change.

Yaw Kok Keong

Technical Manager

Joined Interlinx as Project Manager in 2011. He ensures all projects are delivered on time, fulfills client’s targets and does system design and schedule planning. Was promoted as Technical Manager in 2017.

Mr. Zachary Chu

Sales & Marketing Manager

Provides overall technical support for the company. Started off as a sales assistant and was promoted to his current position within a year due to his deep product knowledge and associated information needed to complete a project.








Hewlett- Packard Malaysia

HP Chemical & Gas Supply System

Control panel, installation & cabling work , PLC & HMI programming.


Hewlett- Packard Malaysia

Live Safety System

Control panel, cabling work, PLC & HMI programming.


World Wide Medivest

Sterilizer Control System

Control panel, installation, PLC & SCADA programming.


Top Glove

Production Line Monitoring system

SCADA & PLC programming.



Water Pump Control System

Instrument, installation, cabling work, PLC & SCADA programming.


IBIDEN Malaysia

IBI Carbon Treatment System

Control & Starter Panel, Instrument, installation & cabling work, PLC & HMI programming.


Texas Instrument (Formally known as National Semiconductor, Melaka)

Scope: Vijeo Citect, SCADAPack RTU, Humidity and Temp sensors.

Vijeo Citect, SCADAPack RTU, Humidity and Temp sensors


Siemens Malaysia

FMCS - Infineon Kulim - Yearly maintenance for Infineon Kulim Facilities – Instrument Package

Engineering services, manpower. For maintenance, exclude hardware.


BHP Petrol

Terminal Automation System

SCADA, PLC Control system


KUB Berjaya

Bukit Tagar Landfill Control System

Gas Supply System, and Overall SCADA monitoring System



LGP – Gas Detection Monitoring

HMI, Twido PLC, Zelio PLC, Cabling and Installation


Kelington Technologies / Ibiden

Ibiden Chemical Plant Control - Turnkey for Chemical Plant Control Package including supply of HMI, PLC, control panel and cabling works

HMI, Mitsubishi PLC, Fibre Optic,Cabling and installation


Berjaya Time Square

Berjaya Time Square Power Monitoring System Upgrading - To monitor and control all the substations and 103 units of Protection Relays

Vijeo Citect, MOXRtu, Cabling and installation


PTM Asia Sdn Bhd

Palm Oil Composting Plant Monitoring & Control

Software Programming  & Commissioning


FILA Corporation Sdn Bhd

Beaufort –Labuan WaterTranfer Project

Vijeo Citect, Twido PLCs with Panels, E&H Instruments.


Bun Foong / Selinsing Gold Mine

Selinsing Gold Mine SCADA Monitoring and Control System

Vijeo Citect, Siemens PLC, E&H Instruments


Endress + Hauser / SYABAS

To control level of water supply from pump house to reservoir (Kajang Utama)

Kingfisher, Twido PLCs


Vital Project / SYABAS

To control level of water supply from pump house to reservoir (Solaris)

Testing & Commissioning


Endress + Hauser / SYABAS

To control level of water supply from pump house to reservoir (Bukit Ceylon)

Scadapack, Twido PLCs


Ann Joo Integrated Steel

Ann Joo Steel Power Monitoring System

Citect SCADA, Advantech I/O and Conzerv Power Meter with Modbus Comm


KL Airport Services Sdn Bhd

KLAS Cargo SCADA Monitoring

Citect SCADA, Modicon PLC, Wifi Network & SQL Server.


Hong Kong Oxygen

To Design and Supply the Remote Level Monitoring System for Industrial Gases Factory in Hong Kong

SCADAPack RTU complete with enclosure and GSM Modem


Hospital USM, Kelantan

To Design, Supply and install and commissioning
The SCADA Monitoring System for HUSM

Vijeo Citect, Communication Converters, E&H instruments


Endress + Hauser / Puncak Niaga

River Water Surveillance System - To design, supply, install and commissioning the Real-time Water Quality Monitoring system for 5 Puncak Niaga WTP in Klang Valley

Modicon Quantum PLC, Grundfos Pump, SS Panel



To Design, Supply and install the Sterilizer Control System for Sterilization of Hospital Equipment

Vijeo Citect SCADA and Twido PLC



  • Endress + Hauser
  • GE Automation
  • Omron Industrial Automation
  • Schneider Electric
  • Siemens
  • Schneider Control Microsystems
  • Schneider
  • Wonderware
  • Mitsubishi
  • Allen Bradly

Contact Information

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